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Getting Here


Marfa’s remote location can only mean one thing: road trip. Unless you’re traveling via private jet, it’ll take you at least a few hours to get here. Whatever you do, time your arrival for sunset at the latest.

El Paso and Midland are the closest airports – each about a 3 hour drive away. There are no commercial flights to Marfa. Private jets can fly into the Marfa Municipal Airport (3 miles away) or the one in Alpine (26 miles away). Everyone else usually rents a car and hits the road. The time zone changes from Mountain Time Zone to Central Standard Zone on the route from El Paso, so you lose an hour.

Driving from…


  • Take Interstate 20 West to Pecos.

  • Turn left onto Highway 17 South.

  • Drive through Balmorrhea & Ft. Davis to Marfa.


  • Take Highway 67 from Presidio to Marfa.


  • Take Interstate 10 West to Ft. Stockton.

  • Exit onto Highway 67 South.

  • Drive 47 miles to Highway 90 West.

  • Continue for 34 miles to Marfa.


  • Take Interstate 10 East to Van Horn.

  • Exit onto Highway 90 East.

  • Pit Stop at Prada Marfa!

  • Drive 74 miles to Marfa.


The Amtrak services Alpine, where you can rent a car and drive the final 26 miles into Marfa.

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